Moderate impact full body workout with a mixture of conditioning exercises and cardio exercises. 10-12 exercises in each round 4-5 rounds, 30/10 second splits. Sprints on the bike and step, mat and weighted exercises on the floor. You have your own workout area set up, socially distanced from other class goers, so no need to worry about sharing equipment.
Always take each exercise to your level and if unsure of an exercise don’t forget to ask.
Let’s finish Tuesday strong!!

  • Moderate impact exercises (low and high impact options available)
  • Full body workout
  • Keep your body guessing
  • Own workout area
  • Gym Members £2.50
  • Non Members – £5.00
  • 60 mins Duration

Ellie Beckwith

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 2 Group Indoor Cycling (QCF)

Level 1 Circuit Training (CYQ)

Level 2 Group Exercise to Music (QCF)