Personal Trainers – Old

Chris Blase

Chris is a registered fitness professional with the nationally recognised level 3 Fitness Instructor. Over the past 10 years in the fitness industry, Chris’s continued experience in training both individuals and Boxing groups at all levels has produced a uniquely trained eye for movement.

  • Contact: 07967855350
  • Email:
  • £20 – One to One

Sophie Green

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  • Contact 07976123456
  • £00 per Hour

Nina-Jean Taylor

3 years experience as a personal trainer, certified kettlebell instructor and gym instructor. Previous experiences include 13 years in the military…..don’t worry though I won’t take that approach unless you want me to! I prefer to work with my clients and push them to achieve their goals rather than get unnecessarily shouty!

  • Contact: 07917528560
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Nina-JeanPT
  • £20 – One to One
  • £30 – Two people
  • £36.50 – Three
  • £40 – Four Max

Chris Johnson (CJ)

Chris is finishing his training to be a qualified Personal Trainer. he is planning to be available for clients in April 2020. He has been buiding his experience in group training and hopes to bring those skills to one to one training. More information will follow.

  • Contact 07484783794
  • £00 per Hour